So Far So Good

24/02 – 10/03/2018


LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea is pleased to announce the exhibition “So far So Good”, that will open on february 24th.

The group show presents the artworks of: Ak2deru, Leonardo Gambini, Raffaele Cioffi, Luca Freschi, Andrea Bruschi, Gemis Luciani, Daniele Fortuna, Vittorio Asteriti, Lorenzo De Angelis and Manuel Fois.

The event offers a review about the last two years of activity of the gallery, focused on the analysis of new formal developments and the research of new figures able to give a different point of view, particularly italian, into a global contemporary context.

The gallery will expose artworks different for geography and style, now brought together without an ambition of unity, looking instead  for those discrepancies, those breaks typical of the attitude of the gallerists. Through materials such as canvas, lining and terrotta, wood and even anticonventional surfaces as magazines pages, sign and gestures slowly unveil themselves, refusing a didactic intepretation of artworks that don’t have to be deciphered, but only admired.

The exhibition is imagined as an itinerary who wants to examine the connections between artists and their latest evolution, underlining how new languages are still related to tradition.

The show will present some artworks never exhibited in the gallery.

Curated by Lea Ficca and Matteo Di Marco